I just want to start off by saying that at the moment I am loving VMWare as it allows me to use the few apps I still use on windows (IE 7 for browser testing, Visual Studio 6 and Visual Studio .NET 2005) to run on my Mac.

What makes it better is the Unity feature allows me to sort of run those apps under the OS X desktop environment.

It also allowed me to try out Linux distros without having to partition my drive and to finally learn how to really use Linux (without the worry about destroying the OS and part of my hard drive as I can just delete the VM if I totally mess it up).

My main question is can I run Unity on my Mac with my Linux distros Ubuntu and Kubuntu (both 7.04 x64 versions)?

I set up shared folders on my virtual machine and set them as connected but I can't find it anywhere on the Linux OS' does anyone know what I need to do to set this up (this is not a major issue as I can drag and drop documents between virtual machines)?

Are there any other cool features I can do with Linux and OS X?

I am a noob with both Macs and Linux (although thanks to this site I am fully up and running with Macs and loving it) so any extra things to try out would be cool.