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Thread: will installing windows...

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    Aug 10, 2007
    will installing windows...
    make my computer slower?? just wondering. if i install windows xp on the second hd and just install one game on it will i notice a decrease of speed in performance (overall)? thanks.

    btw.. i have 160gb/2.14/1gbram

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    not on the mac side you shoudnt. windows should be okay aswell. i run vista and tiger on my macbook pro 120gb 2.16ghz dual core 1gb of ram.

    works fine. dont boot vista that often now ho might try linux

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    how about we move this to the correct forum huh?
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    thanks willis. i just want it to play a game that's all. haven't heard good things about vista so i'll just install xp. i have vista though cause my dad has a partnership porgram or something where he gets the os and whatnot but i'll just install xp.

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