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    Aug 09, 2007
    playing windows game on a Macbook Pro
    Sorry for the word "windows"
    I maybe will buy a Macbook pro very soon.
    However one of the reason why I don't had a Mac yet is for the games...
    I know games exist on mac
    I need a exact and sure answer please, as it is very important for me.
    My question is: if I install the last version of "Boot Camp" will my mac really act 100% like a PC ?
    Would I be able to install what ever program (like a game) I want and be sure it will work ? LAN's with other PC holders ?
    Are all drivers compatible ?

    If someone is using his mac to play XP games and could confirm this, I would really appreciate !

    Thank you


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    ibook g4, imac 2ghz c2d, mbp 2.4ghz c2d - 10.5.1
    yes games will run fine if you install bootcamp and XP.

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    Aug 09, 2007
    cool thanks !
    Are you doing this or know someone who does ?

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