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    Can I remote into Windows...
    My work has a windows remote desktop where I can log in to the network from home...can I log in to this using my Macbook?

    I am thinking this is why I would need Parallels?

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    There is remote desktop connection software for the mac, made by MS. If you google "remote desktop for mac" it should be pretty easy to find. I use it occasionally with the cisco vpn client to get to systems at work and it seems to function pretty well.

    Also, I have links to the rdc and vpn software at home if you need me to post them later.


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    It works pretty well, but it hasn't yet been updated to mimic the most recent version of its Windows counterpart (more security options, etc).

    EDIT: Just kidding, here's that link too:

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    Have you tried its a free software that allows you to remote into another pc/mac program. I have been using for quite a while now and it works well.
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    RDC from MS has the best performance.

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    No Need for Parallels
    There is no need for Parallels for this. Microsoft just release a new beta of the Mac Remote Desktop Connection Software. There is also a nice open source program called CoRD that is in development. I have used both of these and the earlier Microsoft version, and they all work. I have never found a need to use Parallels for this.

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    If I want to remote into a computer from home from my mac at school, what is the program that is best to use? I use RADMIN at work, but that is expensive. What program is the best for that use? My family isn't very PC literate, so I have to help them when I'm at school and would like to have a program that does these types of things. Thanks!
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