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    nlite - integration of Apple drivers into Windows XP SP2 CD or DVD
    Hi everyone

    I tried to find it but had no luck so decided to start a new thread.

    i want windows to run as fast as possible and would like to create my own windows installation disk using nlite that would be ''light'' on resources and start up quickly.

    Is it possible to integrate Apple drivers on to a CD as it is possible to integrate SP2 and other software using nlite. i'm asking as i try to get rid of everything that is possible including unnecessary Windows drivers ans software like paint, outlook express, windows games and others

    my second question is: Are any drivers on Windows XP SP2 CD essential to install Windows on MBP?

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    I imagine it would be possible, but you need the actual driver files, instead of the EXEs available from Apple. I guess you could extract these from your Windows installation, but what a hassle!

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