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    Time wrong - Boot Camp / XP
    Ok, love bootcamp and everything is great except for one small thing I have noticed. It is very minor, and not a deal breaker by any means, but maybe someone here knows why this happens.

    OSX and XP don't seem to want to agree on what time it is. When I switch to XP the time is off by a number of hours. When I set the time correctly, the time is wrong in OSX when I switch back to that OS.

    Fortunately, OSX is smart enough to update when it boots up, if you check the auto-update feature in the time and date category, so it corrects the time within a few seconds. As with most things, windows isn't as smart, and is only capable of auto-update on a WEEKLY basis.

    So basically, each time I use windows I either need to ignore the incorrect time, or if I want my files dated properly I change the time.

    Time zones & settings are all correct, and this does appear to be a genuine glitch. I saw it mentioned in one other boot camp review, but can't remember where exactly.

    Again, I consider this to be a very minor issue, but if anyone has any input it would be appreciated. I seached the forum and couldn't find anything with the seach terms I used.

    I would like to say that other than the time issue, my macbook makes for a very nice PC, when it is called upon to game or run AutoCAD. Now that windows is updated and has a good antivirus on it, I have disabled the wired and wireless network adapters, so there is no chance of hitting IE and maybe clicking the wrong thing and ending up with a virus or spyware.

    I believe apple should offer all macs with the XP / bootcamp option, so that switchers can have a security blanket, or comfort zone, by having windows, which they are used to, right there from the get-go. Then they can play with OSX and begin to figure out why it is better for most things.
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    I'm gonna revive this thread because I'm having the same problem. I set the clock (it was on GMT) when I installed XP. Is this the cause of the problem?

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    this is simple
    enable auto update of time in mac and in pc.
    works for me

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