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    Windows Shortcut Commands
    Hello All,

    In Windows you can add commands to your shortcuts so that the programs they specify can be opened with custom commands. For example, in the Properties for a shortcut you can change the Target to:

    "Cdirectory\someprogram.exe" -anoption

    The hyphenated "anoption" is used when opening the "someprogram".

    There's is also the option to change what directory the program is "started in" so that it uses the files located in that directory instead of some other default directory.

    How would I do this sort of thing on a Mac? How would I pass command line type options to a program though an alias? Or if not through an alias, how would I open a program that is normally opened by double clicking on an icon with some hyphenated command line options? And then is it possible on a Mac to do the "Start In" thing?

    Thanks for the help!

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    Neither of these really applies on the Mac. Mac applications don't take command-line arguments. (Unix applications on the Mac could use a shell script to pass them in.)

    As for "Starting In" a folder...again, doesn't apply. Mac applications don't usually care which folder they're in. If they do, then they simply won't start anywhere else.

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