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Thread: Windows XP can't locate sound device

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    Aug 02, 2007
    Windows XP can't locate sound device

    I am running the latest Macbook Pro (2.2GHZ) and just installed Windows XP SP2 with the latest Bootcamp Beta. Everything installed fine except that Windows can't locate the sound device. There is no volume icon in the taskbar and when I look for the driver in the device manager, everything seems to be in order.
    The only devices that have question marks next to them are:
    1) Built-in Isight
    2) SM Bus Controller
    Could the SM Bus Controller be the problem? I tried to reinstall the driver via Windows Update but it couldn't find a driver.
    Also, I have tried to install the TDI SigmaTel XP Setup but that doesn't seem to fix the problem neither.
    Any ideas?


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    Sep 11, 2007
    Hey Vinh,

    I just installed Bootcamp today and after the windows xp installation completed, I seem to be experiencing the same problem. No sound device recognised, no volume control, absolutely no use of audio at all.

    I have been googling for the answer for about an hour now!
    Hope someone replies to this post soon and I hope you have had some luck in the matter.


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