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    Unhappy extensions problem os 9.2.1 (g3)
    I'm trying to recover from a mistake of turning on and off some items from the extension and now when i try to make a change either from pressing the shift key and i get a error message to reset or insert cd that came along with computer but since is don't have one i can't insert one because the c key command will not recognize the command.
    I also tried to use the shift key and gives the same request. Initially i'm having problems to connect to internet which indicates the software is not there. I was using the internet prior to moving and when i tried to use the g3 apple computer again unable to use it at all. Would someone please help me to correct this problem.?????
    thank you. Fiero

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    Do you mean you do not have the original install CDs, or that the C key won't boot the computer when the install CD is in it?

    If you held down the shift key when booting the machine, the extensions won't load.

    Go into the control panels and choose the Extensions Manager. At the top of the window, next to Selected Set, choose Mac OS 9.2.1 All. This will load all the extensions, including those that might have been turned off. After restarting the computer, try the net again.

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