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    VMware Fusion vs VirtualBox vs Darwine vs Boot Camp vs Parallels vs CrossOver Mac

    I have written a small piece on my blog about the solutions to run
    Windows software through virtualization and emulation on X86 Mac.

    Here is the link:

    a snip of the post:

    A good friend ask me a couple days back what I thought was the best
    solution when it comes to running Windows applications on his new X86
    Mac. The first thing I ask him was, is there a equivalent native
    application that will do the job for you? As I have always believed
    native applications and games are always the best solution in the end.
    His reply was ummm... no not really, so I thought I would dig around
    and see what solutions were available at this time to run Windows
    applications on a x86 Mac.

    In my opinion the best virtualization solution would be xen but if you
    read the EULA in OS X it forbids virtualization. So until the fine
    folks at Apple Inc change there minds about virtualization xen is
    going to be out of the question.
    But this solution isnt without its problems, there would still be the
    intigration problems and you would require a windows license.

    If your looking at a pure emulation solution there is only Wine and
    CrossOver Mac, Wine is free and open source but what its not is user
    friendly! In my opinion CrossOver is a good choice if it supports the
    applications or games that you use on a daily basis. This does not
    have to mean official support from CodeWeavers, as there are a large
    number of unsupported applications and games that work at this time
    but there not officially supported, in the end it comes down to does
    CrossOver run the applications and games that I have and need? And the
    best thing about going with a CrossOver solution is your not sending a
    single cent to sunny Redmond and your helping fund further Wine

    Parallels could be classified as something of a hybrid solution as
    they use Wine libs for there 3D acceleration.



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    xen doesn't run on osx
    besides licensing, there's also the minor issue that xen - while absolutely great for its intended purpose - doesn't run on OSX.

    it runs on the BSDs, Linux and Solaris (used as a host). you can run OSX VMs in Xen, though.

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