I've tried installing boot camp twice and have failed both times. I tell it to partition 32G of disk space for XP. When paritioning is finished and XP install stage begins, the only visible partition to the Windows installer is C: 131Gigs!

First time: I aborted the install b/c didn't want to give half my drive to Windows. No reboot possible. Did all the 'hold control' and 'hold C' when powering up. Apple support said I had to take it to service. $40 later (no warrantee b/c of software issue). They said boot camp had wipe the drive clean and everything had to be reinstalled/restored.

Second time: Didn't abort to avoid that headache. Same 131gigs but I proceeded anyway. Windows installer went through the motions up to reboot time. When reboot started it went right back to the installer. I tried installing again, and again. Now, when I press control on power up, the system only sees the Windows installer CD - no more hard drive! I once again have to reinstall the entire system (will try it myself this time).

I can't figure out for the life of me why Boot Camp destroys my Drive when partitioning.

Any takers?

I really want boot camp for windows gaming purposes. I hear Parallels just doesn't cut it for games. What about opendarwin for games?

Please help!!!