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    Problem Updating XP

    I successfully installed XP using Parallels. I also successfully installed my anti-virus software, which includes its own firewall. I visited the Microsoft Updates site, and was greeted with an error code. Over and over again.

    I can't recall the exact code number, but the error indicated that there was a problem with my firewall/proxy server. The site's resolution suggested that I adjust my security settings in IE6 to include the Microsoft download sites. I even went as far as switching the firewall from the installed software (Trend Micro) back to Windows.

    Still, I keep getting the same error message.

    Anyone have any ideas? Is the cause of the issue on the Mac internet connection which is shared with XP?

    Update: the error code is 0x80072EE2

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    I did a quick google and came up with this great resource website
    take a look and it will answer your question on how to address the problem

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