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    URGENT HELP NEEDED!!! w/ nvidia geforce 8600gt m under Boot Camp
    Ok, I'm having an issue with the Nvidia Geforce 8600m GT.

    Here are my computer specs: Macbook Pro (santa rosa) 2.4 w/ 2 gb of ram
    I'm running win xp with bootcamp.

    I'm using a video program called virtual dj and the video is constantly freezing. On the virtual dj forum they say that the freezing is because of turbocache. They are turning their turbocache off using rivatuner and the program is working perfectly. The problem is that the latest driver that rivatuner will work with is 93.71 and my driver is 103 something. I can't rollback my driver on the windows side of bootcamp because bootcamp uses my mac drivers.

    Here are my questions:

    Is there anyway to roll back my driver on the mac side using a modded inf?
    If not is there another way to turn off turbocache?

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    When you're running Windows XP via Boot Camp, you are NOT using the same driver that runs on OS X. The driver is Windows-specific just as it would be on a PC. You can download any compatible Nvidia driver and modify the inf driver just as you would on a Windows machine. Remember, your Mac IS a PC, it's just that when you're running Mac OS X, it's running a different operating system. Aside from the EFI firmware (as opposed to BIOS), the Mac is using the same chipset and CPU a comparable Windows machine is. The same goes for the drivers, even though they are supplied by Apple.
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    ok so are there any other drivers for my card? Everytime I try and download another version of forceware it says that its not compatible with my card. Man I just want to turn off turbocache so that in the control panel it says that my card is at 256 not 512.

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