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    Aug 15, 2006
    adobe audition
    just interested to know if anybody has tried running adobe audition 1.5/2.0 over boot camp or parallels? i really want a mac and thats the only application holding me back! i know i could use a different mac application but i really do want to use adobe audition.

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    Apr 08, 2007
    Macbook Pro 15.4", Core Duo 2.16ghz, 2gig of RAM
    I ran adobe audition in a WinXP Pro VM on VMware Fusion and it worked fine with 768mb of ram given to the VM. It would have ran better though I had I set the VM to use a pre-allocated disk instead of a dynamically expanding one; better performance. Good luck!

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    Aug 15, 2006
    thanks, i do use audition a lot and i do a lot of cpu intensive tasks so maybe i'll be better running it in boot camp for native speeds, has anybody tried this?

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