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    MBP: Brighter Display & Louder Speaker in Vista
    Why is it that my MBP becomes significantly brighter (display) and louder (speaker) when booted in Windows Vista compared to a normal boot-up in OS X? Is there a way to tweak this in OS X?

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    I don't know that, but I have noticed that OS X claims to run longer of a fully charged battery then Vista does on my MB.

    My point is, maybe OS X tries to save battery life, and possibly masks that from you by disallowing a bright-as-**** display when the machine is plugged in.

    Just a thought. I don't know much about OS X, and should mention that I specifically bought the MB to run Vista. I have no interest in OS X at all, except for it's implementation of Boot Camp.

    (Still haven't tried loading Vista on the machine natively. Anyone? Does this work?)

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