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Thread: switching back to os x parallels.

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    switching back to os x parallels.
    hey, sorry if this has been asked before but i couldn't find it via search. i just bought parallels, and installed vista, but when running it full screen i can't figure out how to switch back to the os x desktop, any help?

    also, my usb mice wont work? they do for a moment when first plugged in but then parallels shows me a warning saying they wont work in os x unless i unplug them, and they stop working, the laser still turns on, but wont control the mouse.

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    im not 100% sure about the key combination but its something around
    apple key + enter

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    May 31, 2007
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    i think you mean the option + enter, which brings me back to os x but also cascades the vista window. i have seen people transition it over, so they are both full screen all the time. anyone?

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    Actually by default it is Apple-Shift. i.e. hold down Apple and press shift, assuming you're in full screen mode it will flip you into windowed mode. However if you have at least one OS X app running, F9 works just as well switching between the 2 OS's, which is what I use when I have a full screen secure remote desktop connection running in windows using ActiveX.
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