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    Vista Ultimate stuck on expanding files.
    So i just got a copy (Real) of vista ultimate from a friend, and i wanted to try it out on my macbook pro. I have a 2.6ghz processor and 2gigs ram 265mb vram. Needless to say my laptop isnt a wuss. The installation glides along nicely until it gets to the expanding files bit, then it just sits there for a long time and does nothing. Perhaps it takes a long time to do this, but i have found no other explanation for this problem. Please help.

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    yea, it took mine about half an hour before it actually started to do anything, so...i would just let it sit.. (macbook 2GHz)

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    It took a while on my MB, but not that long. It made progress, but the percentage listed jumped from 0 to 28, then to 40-something, then it started to move up as expected.

    I have installed Vista on a LOT of computers, but this is the first MB I've had the pleasure of using. It works SO MUCH better than any PC I've used. I am definitely impressed, and I'm sorry it isn't working for you.

    Have you made any progress since your initial post?

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    Sorry for the huge lull between postings. Turns out I had been sold a faulty copy, well faulty as in some genius put a tiny smidgen of clear nail polish on the disc. Wonderful work I must say. I replaced my copy with another, and now it's installing. I do not favor either OS really, Windows/OS X I'm a fan of both. I consider myself a computer centrist, so whatever works is what I will stick with. Windows for games, OS X for work. The Vistaids installation is running flawlessly, and quickly (strange for windows), so when it finishes, I shall see what happens. Thanks for the responses.

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