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    Can You Use This Version Of XP In Boot Camp?

    I know you need Windows XP Pro with SP2 to install Boot Camp on Mac Pro... Question:

    If I had an older Windows XP Pro version of software "without" the SP2 on it, can I install this XP version on Boot Camp and then update with the SP2 separate CD or download the update from Microsoft?

    Thanks for the help in advance,


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    Only one way to find out . . .

    You can always delete it if it doesn't work out.
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    Or, you could try Slipstreaming - basically - you download SP2 then copy your XP CD to your hard drive and integrate the service pack with the XP CD - then you burn a new CD with the finished product - 1 shiney new XP SP2 CD - follow the link for full instructions.


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    To add to what RNDdave already said, you must have a SP2 disc in order to use Boot Camp. If you attempt to use an SP1 disc, your keyboard won't work properly.
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    Thanks people for the help. Final questions on this subject... In the slipstream tutorial it states some large corporate disks don't work because they have updates on them already.

    If I bought a retail version (not OEM) of XP without the SP2 do you think slipstreaming would work or do you think the retail version would have updates like mentioned that would kill that type of install?

    Also do Academic versions of XP with SP2 work in Boot Camp?

    Thanks again for everyone helping,


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    Your disk should be fine.

    Here ya go:

    Quote Originally Posted by RIDE View Post
    You are going to want this... NLite

    Here's some good info as well:

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