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    Jul 19, 2007
    looking for old mac space game, been looking for years, help!
    Hello, my brother and i used to play this game on my old mac waaaay back in the day around the time lunatic fringe came out... im just wondering if anyone can help me out finding a different game, im just looking for the name of the game. It was this old space game that you would go through these levels in what looked like a little space car i think.. im not sure if you were in a space ship or a small space car but once in a while you would get chased by these little space police and you could pick up cargo and things.. it was really fun, the levels were like going down a lane.. like they had sides and you would just fly down or up to the goal i think.. there were asteroids and such that you could crash into.. and these other ships that could come get you.. does anyone have any ideas?? i think there were blackholes you could run around too.. they would suck you in so you would have to fly away from them..

    if anyone has ANY idea at all, let me know all the info you have to provide.. me and my brother have been looking for years and so far we just remembered lunatic fringe and escape velocity but havent found the one we are looking for..



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    This sounds pretty close to Reckless Drivin' from here:

    It doesn't have space involved but the rest fits.

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