Hi all,

I am using Macbook and installed Windows XP by BootComp 1.2

Now I know BootComp 1.3 released, and I have the Vista DVD too, so want to total del the BootComp 1.2 and old Windows XP and then like the Macbook total new, then install the BootComp 1.3 and Vista ...

I am feeling confused, how to do this step??

And if , just if, Windows have problems, how to reinstall Windows? Just on the booting time press the "Alt" key and then choose the partition the CD will load? Or need back to Mac OS X to choose the bootcamp del the partition and recreat it and then reinstall Windows? If like that, it is a big problems if the Windows have import files here that can not boot to Windows, how to just using the Windows DVD, or CD boot up to DOS? While booting press what key? "C" or "Alt" on this case?

Thank you.