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    Battlefield 2 BF2 on a 24" imac questions

    I have seen all these videos on Youtube of people playing bf2 on imacs with bootcamp.

    I recently decided to get rid of all my PC's and replace the lot with a mac. I decided that a 24" would suit my needs and upgraded the basic unit to a 7600gt card. Everything else is standard. 1gig ram and 2.16 dual core proc.

    It is a lovely machine and i am enjoying it. However i would like to play my favourite game in it, so installed Boot Camp and installed XP Pro. direct x 9c and all the latest bootcamp drivers. had some issues, but directx 9c seemed to iron it out. The problem is, it takes literally 5 minutes to load the game and unless i set the settings to minimum, it runs at 1 frame per 5 secs.... and even at minimum, it is slow and freezy.
    How do these other people get their 20 and 24 inch imacs to run BF2 so well?

    Does anyone know if i missed something??


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    Bf 2142
    I bought an 24" iMac, with nVidia GeForce 7600GT 256MB and 2gig ram. I can run BF 2142 with full graphics (the third resolution option, BF 2142 cant handle higher, all buttons get messed up). All other games (CoH, Prey1) I have run smooth with highest options).

    That 1 gig ram extra, may solve your problem. (You may wanna upgrade to DirectX 10 too)

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    Thanks :-)
    Thank you for your reply. I am purchasing memory as we speak :-)

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    Upgrading to DX10 will not help as the the 7600 does not support it.
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    Yes but just because the card doesn't support it doesn't mean it won't help. You should always have the most upto date directx and drivers. It sounds stupid but it can help. I upgraded my directx 8 to 9 and it helped my old directx 8 card. Just because it won't use the new DX9 features doesn't mean MS has tweaked the features that my card is using and make it run smoother. It may or may not help but it won't hurt.

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