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    Question Problem with switching from Mac to Windows
    Im new here so bear with me. This might also be in the wrong forum but whatever. I have had a Mac Mini for about a year and I have recently started to switch back and forth from mac to windows. I found that it worked pretty seamlessly for a while but then started to not work at all. When I turn on my mac and hold down the option key the Mac and Windows hard drives both show up. But when I click on the windows hard drive the screen goes gray (as it should) and then black and stays that way. After a while the system reboots itself to mac. Has anyone else had the same problem as me? I am wondering if anyone has any tips for me. Also I find when I don't try to switch for a while (like a couple days) when I try to, it works....!?!?! All help is appreciated.

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    please help me!!

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    Try pressing F8 right after clicking the windows hard drive icon. Keep pressing it, not holding it down but rapidly and see if you get a menu.

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