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    fresh install of mac os help.....
    I'm new to macs and I have this looks green color imac with a front cd tray that ejects out. I have a mac os9 cd currently and I have to questions.

    How do I do a complete format/clean install? Like you would in windows? Because I did do some type of clean install with that disk but after 20 minutes of installing it kinda of looks like a fresh install and kind of doesnt because I still saw some prevoius folders on the desktop from the previous owner.

    Another question is what is the highest mac os version I can install on this imac, and how do i go about doing so? Thanks..

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    ibook g4, imac 2ghz c2d, mbp 2.4ghz c2d - 10.5.1
    i asume its the same as reinstalling tiger - someone say if its not.

    insert the os cd and turn the computer off. turn it on and hold the ' c ' key.

    it will boot from the cd and i think options will come up. chose the option you want.

    IMPORTANT - if you need files on the computer make sure you back them up as you will not be able to get them ever again if you do a complete format and reinstall

    i hope this helps. chris.

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    Click on the option button and then check the box Clean Install. If you boot
    from the install CD you can open Drive Setup and reformat the drive,Beware
    when you reformat every thing is wiped clean. If you ever upgrade to OS 10
    Please make shure to have the lastest firmwear installed,as you can Kill an Imac with out it.

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