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Thread: Having trouble repartitioning...

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    Having trouble repartitioning...
    Repartioning fails every time...

    Well... I was quite excited to finally get a new MacBook Pro after waiting several months for the Core2Duo version to come out... Anyway, I installed Bootcamp very early on and I've had it running fine for months. Earlier this month, I had a huge problem with the graphics driver and my Windows partition simply failed to work. I decided to remove the partition and repartition my drive.

    Unfortunately, I haven't been able to get my drive repartitioned. Whenever I try to repartition it, I get an error that tells me that there is an error and I have to repair my hard drive. I've already booted from an install CD and tried repairing the drive and the permissions. It says that both are fine. I've also tried using DiskWarrior and it says my drive is fine too. The new partition I'm trying to make is at least the same size as the previous one, and I've even tried to make it even larger.

    Other things I tried were completely uninstalling Bootcamp to see if it was just confused, unplugging all external hard drives, and deleting anything that Parallels used to connect to the drive. (I had Parallels connected to my Bootcamp partition.)

    Can someone please help? I'm stuck using my little sister's computer and I feel kind of bad for having to do.

    If worse comes to worse, I'll just backup my files and start all over, but I'm hoping that it won't come to that.

    Thanks. =)

    P.S. Here's an image of the error.

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    I'd go the backup route - it looks as though something has been messed up...

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    Okay... Thanks for the quick answer. That's what my dad suggested as well. It seems as if I have no choice but to reformat.

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