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    Question Windows Emulator (or something)
    At my school the teachers in the music department are running mac minis and wnat to run 2 or 3 windows apps. Since I know alot about macs (I am very familiar on how to use them, I own a MacBook) they asked me to put Boot Camp on them and run XP. When I asked them why they said they needed to run 2 windows apps. Is there some sort of emulator (thats free) that allows you to run windows apps on macs?

    Srry for the long post and hope u can help me.

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    Q emulator is free as well as boot camp.
    But, remember you need to buy windows to run it.
    If not you can buy cross over.
    (free is not the best option)

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    The best "free" program to run windows on a mac would be Bootcamp from Apple. You will however, need a copy of windows, i would recommend XP over Vista.

    Don't really know that much about the mini's, if they would really have enough horsepower to do the job properly, surely someone who does can tell you.
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    VMWARE FUSION! Free in Beta at the moment

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    Quote Originally Posted by iRock View Post
    VMWARE FUSION! Free in Beta at the moment
    ...but just a matter of a few more days from release and the beta will expire. I don't know that it would be worth your time to set Fusion up.

    Personally, I'd give Darwine a shot. It won't run many things, but it's free and doesn't require a copy of Windows.
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    The best option is probably to find out if these programs are what's required or if they just need something that will do the job. Then, maybe there is a free alternative for the Mac or maybe Linux. Beyond that, does Microsoft offer education discounts? Maybe you could get a cheap OE version of Windows that way and dual boot the mini's. You could also check ebay for used Windows Xp, it might be cheap now that Vista is out.

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