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    External Monitor trouble w/ Boot Camp 1.3
    When I was using Boot Camp v 1.1.1, an advanced ATI control panel was included with the Mac Driver CD that boot camp created that I could use to manipulate my graphics settings. I deleted the windows partition for other reasons and reinstalled windows w/ Bootcamp 1.3, but after installing the boot camp drivers for windows from the cd that Bootcamp 1.3 created, it didn't install the ATI control panel and I find myself unable to use an external monitor on my mbp using Window's normal display settings. Anybody else have this problem? Did something just go haywire in the installation process and I should reinstall windows and try again, expecting to find the ATI control panel then?

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    Oct 08, 2007
    Macbook pro extended desktop trouble
    I have the same problem I think. I used boot camp to install windows, I had a monitor plugged into my MBP at the time and it started up with the displays mirrored. When I installed the Mac windows drivers and restarted the monitor no longer worked. When I go to the Windows display preferences it shows the monitor as there and connected in extended desktop, however my monitor insists that it has no signal. Also - When XP is starting up the monitor mirrors what's on the MBP monitor - it goes blank only after windows is started up. I have tried getting drivers for the display, video card ect. Anyone have any ideas?

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