Am new to Mac's and the forum, few questions before I purchase a MacBook and use boot camp to boot into vista.

1) To get Vista on MacBook I would (generally) install boot camp, follow wizard...creating a NTFS partition, install XP SP2, upgrade to Vista from XP once installed {and fix up the Intel Graphics driver issue}

2) I want to be able to somehow be able to share files between the two OS's (without using removable media). Would it be best to create an extra FAT32 partition (enabling both Mac and Windows file read/write access) or use maybe 3rd party tools (ie, MacDrive for windows to access the HFS+ partition...is there a similar tool to allow OSX read/write access to NTFS??)

3) Right Click in windows. The MacBook only has one mouse button so how would you utilize the 'right-click' without using a external mouse?


EDIT: @ 2) -- ie. MacFUSE/MacFusion see http://uneasysilence.com/archive/2007/06/11142/