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    QuickFile is - was -a very early and simple file card programme. It last worked with System 9. Does anyone know how to make it work on a MacBook with system 10 ?

    Or do you know of something that does the same thing ? It is great for ancient folk like me because you simply write the file card (no boxes to fill in) and save. To recover it you search for ANY word on the card - yes you get lots of results that way but you can flick through them faster than you can click. Like a Rolladeck - if anyone is old enough to remember that.



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    Quote Originally Posted by Bryan View Post
    Or do you know of something that does the same thing ?Bryan
    I came across this in a search for QuickFile. It costs $18, though.
    # Can now import both CardFiler and QuickFile databases. Please read the documentation for how to do this.
    I don't supppose this capability would do you any good if you can't boot into OS 9 or run QuickFile through Classic. But maybe Moosepad can read the raw QuickFile file data, if you still have the files.

    There are three user reports at the download site (versiontracker), and each praises the software.

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    Browny, could it run under SheepShaver? I have no experience with this emulator but in some cases it allows certain OS 9 programs to run on Intel-based Macs.

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    MHC, I dunno. Because, with OS 9, I'm firmly ensconced in the last two decades of the previous century, I've had no reason to run SheepShaver.

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