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    ARRRGH!!!! iSight+msn
    Okay, Macbook pro+ windows (dual boot) + windows mac drivers.

    when using the Inbuilt isight on live messenger it is all zoomed in and weird. But it works perfectly on any other app.

    Why is this!!!

    Its so zoomed in, its not worth using it. And Im not going to use isight on the mac osx partition because ms for mac doesnt do webcam!

    Btw, checked settings in 'webcam settings' and 'audio and video setup' and there is nothing there to tweak this.

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    NOTE: Moved to proper BootCamp Software forum
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    Quote Originally Posted by D3v1L80Y View Post
    NOTE: Moved to proper BootCamp Software forum
    Okay, my mistake.

    Well... does anybody have this problem? Can anyone help me please?

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