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Thread: Macbook web cam, with XP on parallels question

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    Macbook web cam, with XP on parallels question
    Hey all, first I would like to thank you guys, this site has been real helpful. I tried to search for this but Iím having some problems.

    I installed parallels and Iím running windows XP. I had to do this for several reasons, but no need to get into this. I want my cam to work on Paltalk, in XP. But I donít know how to do this, do I install some mac software, or some xp software? Or do I need to make some setting changes?

    Itís a macbook with a built in web cam.

    Thanks for any help, and let me know if you need more info.

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    That's a good problem to have...

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    The thing to do is download BootCamp from Apple, and there are drivers in there that will allow you to use the iSight camera under Windows with Parallels.

    I don't remember exactly where I saw this though it was on the Parallels forums (they have their own whole site) and did get it working, or at least recognized by Windows as being a camera.

    Somewhere in the installation blob you get from Apple for BootCamp is the driver. That's where you should start. You don't need to install and use BootCamp to use Windows dual-boot style, just get the camera drivers.

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