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Thread: Keyboard don't work when trying to install XP

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    Keyboard don't work when trying to install XP
    new switcher here...

    installed bootcamp, made the mac driver disc, made the partition, and when it comes time ot hit "enter" to install XP.... ntohing happens... it doesn't respond to any keystrokes.

    any ideas?

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    Wired or wireless?

    There's tons of threads on keyboards and boot camp already as it seems to be a overall issue with various specific problems. Do a little searching around the forum and you'll probably find the answer faster than someone who may read your post and have one.

    And welcome to M-F!
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    this happend to me when i tried to install using a windows xp cd without SP2. are you using a windows xp with SP2 cd???
    i then slipstreamed the windows xp cd with a genuine SP2 update cd. the enter and function keys then worked in the funky blue xp setup screen. google for slipstreaming xp and sp2...

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