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    Parallels with Vista Home Premium - I know, I know...
    OK, so we all know that Microsoft doesn't want anything but the high-end versions of Vista running virtualized and their EULA says as much. From a purely academic perspective I'm wondering if it is technically, not legally, possible to do what I'm hoping to do:

    1) Install Vista Home Premium with Boot Camp
    2) Install the latest Parallels
    3) Virtualize the Vista Home Premium install via Parallels for whenever I don't feel like rebooting and don't need the full power of a native Vista install.

    I think I read that Parallels won't let you select a Vista Home install for virtualization from within the custom machine setup (but haven't since been able to find the post that says as much).

    Any help is much appreciated!

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    well technically yes it is possible. however, since it's technically also not legal, you're not going to get much of a response here...

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