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    Eject CD during Windows Vista Installation
    I m new mac user. I installed Boot Camp and followed all the instructions and inserted by Windows Vista Business CD-1 and rebooted my mac...
    The Windows Installation started and files got copies until 15%
    After that I had message box saying "Please insert next CD", when i pressed the eject button, CD didn't get dejected, I was totally struck up with this, how to eject CD during installation of Windows Vista with multiple disks ( i totally have 5 CD's for the installation)
    Please kindly guide me


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    Me too
    Exact same experience. I'm stuck. The disc (install disc 1) will not eject with "15% installed". Your post is the only thing out there I've been able to find that deals with this in any way - but no solution. Surely we're not the only ones out there with this experience. Can anybody help us?

    I'm using

    a MacBook with 512 in Ram and a 60G hard drive
    Boot Camp 1.4
    a 15G partition for...
    Vista Home Basic (full install - 5 discs- I'm stuck on disc 1)
    Mac OS X 10.4.9 on this side

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    It is just a normal, knee-jerk reaction on the part of your computer. You have to realize you are trying to install something that your computer knows is "poison" so it is "throwing up"in an effort to save itself!

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    Lightbulb Solution! The only one I should think!

    Just bought me a Macbook 13.3 inch 2.0 Ghz Dual core.. very nice.
    Need windows for work, so I bought acopy of Windows Vista Business.
    I was very frustrated when I found out that I could not eject cd 1, so I've used the past 5 hours to figure out how to solve this..

    1. Copy all contant from cd 2, 3 and 4 into a folder on your hardrive.
    2. Install UltraIso (You need to have the full version, to make it work)
    3. Create an iso file of cd 1
    4. Open this iso-file with UltraISO and add the data from cd 2, 3 and 4. In my case it was only 3 files in the source directory.
    5. burn iso with UltraISO (I think it uses NERO, so have NERO installed) to a DVD-R or similar.. There is a little checkbox in the Burn dialog that says something like: Write to DVD.

    Thats it - installation went just perfect..!

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