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    Problem with Windows SafeMode
    I have a 15 inch macbook pro (dual core). I installed XP using boot camp 1.3 and everything was working fine. But when i went into safe mode i couldn't use my trackpad or keyboard that is on the macbook. I need to get into Safe mode to delete some spyware files. Does anyone know of a fix for this? Im sure it is a driver problem b/c safe mode only turns on certain drivers. Is there a way to get the proper drivers working?

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    makes sense. Two solutions I can think of, first is to buy a cheap windows USB mouse that you connect to use while in windows mode. Second is to mess with device manager. When you're in safe mode, right click on My Computer, and click Manage, then click Device Manager on the left side. In device manager you can enable / disable a buncha drivers. I think you can enable the trackball drivers while in safe mode.

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