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Thread: booting problem

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    booting problem
    I set up the partition and everything, but when I tried to restart the mac it does not recognize the boot device and tells me to insert a different one.. but it won't spit out the cd and when I press the eject key, it does not do anything.. I am not sure what to do at this point.. is there a way to eject the disk, if not, is there a way to boot mac osx?

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    You might have to be a little more descriptive. It sounds like you're computer has a disc in it, and when you boot up, it won't boot OS X and tells you to insert another disc. Is this what's going one? Have you installed Windows yet or was is getting to that point?

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    Hold down the option key when you fire up the computer - it'll offer you any 'bootable' device the machine has. You should be able to choose OSX.

    Assuming you mean you're installing Windows - what are you installing? If you're trying to install anything other than XP with service pack2, or Vista, it won't work.

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