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    Parallels 3 ugprade price, a little ridiculous?
    I bought Parallels 2 just a month ago on Amazon, for $70. Now they want $50 from me to upgrade to version 3?? Something feels wrong here, or is it just me? Heck, Adobe gives better upgrade pricing! (CS3 Web Premium is $1600, but only $500 if you have a qualifying previous product)

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    Yeah, I think they should at least have it half of retail at $40. Doesn't seem fair to loyal users compared to other software companies.
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    On the other hand, VMware is about $200 with an upgrade price of about $100, but Parallels is a bargain price really to begin with, at $80 retail. Maybe that's why they can justify the not-so-hot upgrade price. Plus, version 3 introduces some pretty hot features (better 3D support, and snapshots).

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