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    Does VMWare support wireless internet?
    I really prefer VMWare over Parallels Desktop, but I want to make sure I can wirelessly connect.

    I am on a MacBook and can't use ethernet (home network, I'm upstairs, router is downstairs)


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    I use the freeware VMware Fusion, wireless works fine here!

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    VMware uses whatever net connection your host has on the Mac version, and I use it on wifi frequently; the guest OS sees it as being the same as if you were connected on ethernet. Bear in mind virtual machines are all using software managed virtual hardware too (except for the processor). I don't know if the Fusion beta has the option (I don't think it does) but I use VMware Server on Linux on one of my desktops and it has several networking options, like letting the guest OS have it's own IP and such. Anyway, if OS X has internet, so should your guest OS (that includes dial-up too).

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    Quote Originally Posted by sLux View Post
    I use the freeware VMware Fusion, wireless works fine here!
    Be aware that although the Beta version is free for now, it will become a paid-for version eventually and your Beta will expire.
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