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    classic os 9 issues on os 10.4
    Hello! I hope you fine folks can help me.

    I am trying to run OS9 classic in osx, but a warning pops up saying it cannot find the system folder on the startup disk and that I might need to reinstall os9.

    I assumed that when I reformatted and upgraded my OSX that os9 came along with it. I have just moved and regrettably I LOST my osx cd. I have older versions. I am not sure what to do and I look forward to any suggestions! thanks!

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    You should save the Mac OS 9 system folder from your previous installation and replace it to your system after doing a clean install of Mac OS X.

    Mac OS X only comes with the Classic application, not Mac OS 9. At this point Apple figures you should already have a copy (usually acquired with hardware these days). The new version of Classic should update the old Mac OS 9 system folder with what it needs, and then you should be fine from there.

    If needed, Classic can be pointed at the system folder from the Classic system preference panel.

    Good luck.

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