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Thread: Soundsticks II

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    Soundsticks II

    I recently bought Soundsticks II (speakers made by harman/kardon) and they work great on my Mac Book Pro 17". However, they do not work at all on my Windows XP bootcamp partition. Is there any way to make the speakers work on the Windows side of my computer?

    The speakers are not muted in the control panel and I believe I have all of the drivers. Everything else, including sound intense games, works. I am using a Mac Book Pro and currently the speakers are plugged into the headphones jack. Should they be in a different jack for Windows use? And assuming I am missing a particular audio driver is there anywhere I could get the latest driver and see if the speakers work with it? Also, is there are particular version of SigmaTel I need to run speakers?

    Thanks in advance.

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    That's odd, as long as your audio drivers are up to date then anything plugged into the heaphone jack should work.

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    Where can I update my audio drivers since that seems to be the problem?

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