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    Question Unending white screen when booting
    Hey guys.
    Alright, so I just recently tried installing boot camp (isn't a boot camp question, but involves it). I got to the point where it asks where to install windows, but it was only finding one partition and not the proper one. I quit the install and the computer restarted, but now it stays on the white screen and won't go anywhere past it, not even to the apple logo or anything. Just sits there. I've tried everything from holding the option key to forcing it to boot from the installation cd, but it still just sits there. It acts like it's trying to load a cd but just can't, and eventually the disk just quits spinning. Any idea on where to go from here?

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    try inserting the Windows disc and hold down c while its booting. See if the actual installation proccess recognizes the other partition if it does then it should be ok other than that I'm not sure. Good luck.

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    hmm, tried that, but the computer just keeps freezing before it even reads a disc. When I hold down option, all that appears is the mouse cursor, no drives or discs, and then it just freezes. Thanks for the advice though

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