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    BootCamp Question
    Does anyone else that runs XP Pro (or any version of Windows compatible with Bootcamp for that matter) experience high pitched sounds either with normal use or playing a game (Half Life 2)? It doesn't do it when running OSX that I know of, just XP. Is it just Apple's software not completely resolving some hardware issues or is it just my machine is what I'm asking. Thanks!

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    while i cant answer your question, i have one to ask of you. is Half Life 2 or any of the other games you play widescreen? i tried to play a widescreen game on XP on my MBP (battlefield 2142) and it gave me a BSOD... after doing some research i found out that was because boot camp doesnt work so well with widescreen games. do you have similar issues?

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    Half Life 2 supports widescreen displays. I haven't had any problems either. It may just be battlefield.

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    Battlefield 2142 does not have Wide Screen support. Unless they just released an update for it.


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