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    Final Vista Drivers for Mac Book Pro
    Does anyone know when there will be GOOD drivers for the Mac Book Pros for Vista. Ones that don't melt the motherboard, and ones that use the illuminated keyboard, wifi, etc.??? I really want to run Vista on my Mac and still utilize all the neat features and also not start it on fire.

    If anyone has any information, it would be greatly appreciated.



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    Start a fire? What sort of drivers have you been using?

    Boot Camp is still in beta, so we will continue to see updates from now till the final release, which is officially slated to coincide with the release of Leopard. So expect improvements to the driver set as time goes on.

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    Well everyone knows Vista runs really hot with the current drivers, I don't mean LITERALLY start a fire. Looking forward to having some solid drivers.


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    You might find the running hot is a symptom of Vista, not Apples drivers. Windows is a resource-hog and uses a lot more processor time - even when it's idle - than OSX does.
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    True but you dont experience the same problem when using a PC. My MacBook usually gets very noisy (fan) when I start Vista, but thats just for the first 10-15 minutes then things get back to normal.

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