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Thread: Some questions about gaming, boot camp and hard drives

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    Some questions about gaming, boot camp and hard drives
    Hi all

    I'm not much of a gamer but I've decided to install XP on my Macbook Pro. Also, I think this will leave me short of hard drive space so I'm going to get an external drive. I have a few questions:

    - Is the Macbook Pro a good spec for gaming? I have the 2.16 Ghz Core Duo w/ 2 GB RAM
    - Can I install games onto an external hard drive (firewire 800) and still get reasonable performance?
    - Although beta is boot camp pretty stable?
    - Can I format my external hard drive so that Windows and OS X can read the files?
    - If I store all non-OS files for XP on the external hard drive how big a partition should I make for XP?


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    MBP should be fine for most but the heaviest garphics games and then maybe ok still

    Better to install games to internal drive as it will be faster

    Havn't tried boot camp myself so I can't comment

    Yes can be read by bothe if formatted as fat 32

    Xp bloats out as it adds more and more fixes patches etc. From memory about 10 gig should do just for the o/s and antivirus spyware defragger antiphisinh software etc.
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