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    Will Windows problems spill over?
    So basically I got tired of waiting for them to port Oblivion to Mac so I just decided to dual boot Windows. However, before I do this I have a question.

    If I install Windows using boot camp or parallels and I start experiencing the inevitable lag and other problems that are inherent with Windows, will these problems affect my Mac OS or will they only occur while running XP?


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    If you are running a game you should probably run Windows with BootCamp not Parallels. BootCamp runs XP directly, the Mac OS isn't involved. Parallels runs XP on top of OS X so it will be slower. Games typically eat resources.

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    If you're asking about viruses, spyware, etc, then no, all of that will not affect OS X as those are Windows-specific.

    Though like Sherman, I also recommend you install Windows using Boot Camp if you plan on playing games as Parallels does not have 3D support, yet (there are plans to incorporate it in a future release).

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