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    Newest Version Parallel Issues
    I have the newest version 3188 March 7th 2007 and I am running into some issues. It used to just hog the machine while loading itself up. Since this newest update it seems to eat up at least 25% of cpu even when idle or I am not activity using it.

    Anyone else?

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    This was the answer given on another forum.

    It is probably not a valid assumption to think there is a linear relationship between Parallels resource usage and Windows usage. Windows gets to sleep, for example, but Parallels has to continuously provide resources such as time services, keyboard, mouse, USB, disk, network, cpu, memory, etc. If Windows decides to index the disk, or if auto-connect is on for USB then Parallels has be available. You don't want Parallels to have to wake up because Windows needs some resource - it would be slow. This is a simple view of things but hopefully represents a bit of why Parallels is busy even when Windows is not.

    Hope that helps.

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