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    Boot Camp: Won't boot anymore

    I installed Boot Camp a while back with SP2 version of Windows XP and it worked really well. Then I tried Parallels on the same copy of windows and it worked well for a while too, but now Boot Camp won't load even though Parallels works fine, whenever I tried to boot with BC I get a black screen..

    As I say, I can still get on my windows partition using parallels, but I was mostly just testing it out since it doesn't support DirectX and I use my Windows partition for gaming only...

    Anyone knows how to fix this? I updated to the latest version of Boot Camp also, didn't fix the problem..!

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    Install rEFIt that may fix your problem as a temp measure. i.e. to get any data from the partition but after I would suggest to delete the NTFS/FAT partitions and uninstall BootCamp and try again fresh.

    Although I do love rEFIt, it's even got a custom banner you can add too. Wooo wooo but it does disable the EFI password security.
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    If your windows hangs after the windows loading screen, you have to uninstall and reinstall de bootcamp drivers.

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