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mattf87 02-14-2007 05:14 AM

Need Help Dual Booting Ubuntu
I've searched everywhere for updated information on dual booting Ubuntu Linux and found nothing. My intent is to get it running without hacking any line of code.

The reason I chose Ubuntu in the first place was because I don't entirely trust my abilities with registry hacking (but definitely plan to soon, hence linux) and I heard Ubuntu was a pretty straight forward install. However, that purpose is pretty much defeated if I have to hack my Macbook just to get it running.

So my question is:
Is there an easy and simple way to get Ubuntu Linux running on a Macbook?

Which would be best for doing this, Bootcamp or Parallels? I'm actually leaning towards Bootcamp because last I heard there were problems with Parallels uninstalling completely and that is pretty important to me. (If I'm not satisfied I want to be able to uninstall both the boot loader and the OS as if I never installed it in the first place.) If this is no longer true let me know.

So to make topic easier to respond to:

1) Is there an easy way to dual boot Ubuntu linux? If so please tell/link me.
2) Which bootloader is best for this task (Bootcamp or Parallels)?
3) If I'm not satisfied will I be able to completely uninstall the bootloader in #2 as well as the OS?

Those are my only concerns so if you can shed some light I would greatly appreciate it.

mattf87 02-14-2007 08:12 AM

Okay so I got a little impatient and went ahead and installed Ubuntu using Parallels.

I was looking for a perfect emulation of the OS and I don't think that's what I got. Everything seemed cloudy and of very low quality. Or maybe I'm just too used to my Mac.

Not only that but I can notice a few minor performance changes when running Mac OSX. Mostly a slightly longer startup time. Nothing major but having it happen on my 1 week old once perfect macbook kinda bothers me.

Speaking of this, does Parallels reserve ram even though the virtual machine isnt running? This is what the memory column reads in iStat Pro.

Wired: 198 MB
Active: 141 MB
Inactive 622 MB
Free: 1.06 MB

This is out of 2GB ram total. Is that normal? I never really paid attention to it prior to installing parallels but having only 1.06 MB left while only running firefox doesn't seem right.

So I guess the questions I have now are:

1) Does Parallels drain memory even when not in use?
2) How do I completely undo everything I did to install Ubuntu?

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