I have customized my icons in OSX, which work fine and all is great. I also run XP through bootcamp, when in OSX, I have changed the icon for the XP disk image, which shows up under the Macintosh disk image.

However, when you restart and hold down the option key, too boot into XP, the window comes up with the 2 drive options, OSX or XP. The OSX disk icon shows as the customized one, but the XP disk icon is the original hard drive icon. Has anyone figured out how to change the XP disk icon so it shows up at the start when you are choosing which OS to boot into?

Would I maybe have to customize the icon when running XP, using windows based icons?

I know this is a pretty minor issue, but would be nice to have it working the way I want. It seems to me that anything you want to achieve in OSX, is simple to do and works, to achieve the same in windows, takes much messing around and questions on forums, just glad I have finally made the move to mac, and only have to use windows now for one or two programs.

Any help would be appreciated,

cheers Shaun.