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    Question Moving files from Mac to Parallels/XP
    My new Mac Bookpro arrived in Dec and I've really enjoyed getting to know it. Being left handed I absolutley love the two finger & one button feature on the touch pad!!! While my business requires a PC, when I had to replace my old Plll the new intel Mac was a perfect opportunity to try a Mac for all the personal and family stuff.

    Since Dec I've been a frequent visitor to Mac forums and gotten alot of help just reading "todays posts" etc. So thank you to all for shortening the learning curve. As a switcher some times simple things can stop you in your tracks.

    Today I'm trying to load my contact information into Outlook on Parallels/XP and I have questions I hope forums members can help me with.

    1) I loaded my outlook contacts pst file to a thumb drive and downloaded the file to my MBP, How do I get the file in to Outlook? XP does not seem to see the thumb drive.

    2) What is the best way in general to move files from Mac to XP?

    3) Is there a free MS Office = that can read word and excell docs?

    4) How can I copy my e-mail addresss from Outlook to Mac?

    Thanks in advance for your help

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    1) Create a folder on your desktop (or anywhere) and put the outlook contacts in there. Create a "Shared Folder" in Parallels and choose the directory you just created.

    2) See 1.

    3) NeoOffice :

    4) I don't understand.

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    One more point to make on top of what arai speed already said - the beta release candidate that Parallels has published a link to on their site alleviates many of the frustrations associated with USB devices and file transfer you might have encountered in the current release. In the new version, you can literally drag and drop files from your Mac desktop to the Parallels desktop.

    Check it out. I've been running it for about 2 weeks with not even as much as one problem.

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    Yes, the drag 'n drop feature is very nice. Pretty much any file on your Mac side can be dragged over to the windows side. Once it's over there, it can be used by whatever windows app running in Parallels.

    Note: you do need to be running the latest RC candidate of Parallels (I think it's 3120 or something like that) available for download from the Parallels website. If you've purchased Parallels you can enter your current activation code to make the downloaded latest beta work the same (and better) than that which came off the purchased CD. It also has much better USB 2.0 support.

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    Belated thanks
    Thanks I installed the shared file !!!
    My last question was unclear but here it is rephrased

    Can outlook contacts be loaded into mac address book?

    Thanks again

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