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    Newb Parallels question - right clicking
    Is there an easier way to perform the right click function within parallels? I accidentally stumbled across the "shift+control+click" combination on my own and it's not terribly annoying, but is there a simpler way of doing it somehow?

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    Click the little blue apple in the top left corner of your Mac OS X desktop.

    Choose "Keyboard & Mouse"

    Choose "Trackpad"

    Check the box next to "Tap trackpad using two fingers for secondary click."

    Now anytime you tap the pad with two fingers simultaneously, it will read that as a right-click.

    (note that this does not work if you are using Boot Camp, as the WinXP drivers won't recognize any tapping of the MBP trackpad whatsoever. Instead, you lay two fingers on the trackpad while simultaneously pressing the trackpad button; this also happens to work in OS X)

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    That's seriously awesome. Thanks so much. That opens up a whole new realm in OSX and XP for me. Talk about making things quicker and easier.

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